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Unlike agencies, we have a certified technology for the rapid development and any technical
In addition to technology, experts team will help to integrate all services properly,
We won't leave without support and guarantee to launch the project , sign merchants and
part of any block product implementation
set transparent business goals and define KPIs
provide documents for launching without pitfalls
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Modular platform for launching and scaling the marketplace

The solution consists of 11 MUST HAVE modules and 5 unique solutions that you can choose for your project.

For instance:
Retail - content management, logistics, warehouse and MAS (merchant administration system) analytics

Products, services, streaming and more – web interface management, analytics, billing and CRM
certified IT-platform
Micro-service technology for prompt testing and 2 sprint integration
The product based on a micro-service architecture, NOT A MONOLITH, which means it can be quickly customized and integrated into existing IT infrastructure, no matter which legacy it consists of. All data is transmitting via API.

LENNUF blocks can be easily replaced and developed independently of each other.
Platform is divided into 3 segments
Disclaimer: An important but boring block which contains a lot of terms and abbreviations.

We would like to tell you in details about the basic functionality of IT platform, which is necessary for each marketplace and additional features that you can install on your infrastructure as a constructor.
technological and service advantages
Frontend - client's territory, publicly visible part of the project.

Includes product catalog, product cards, event schedule, shopping cart, check-out, client's and referral partner's personal account.

+ external services integrated: search, chat, telephony, recommendations, UGC block, reviews.

All Frontend interfaces are responsive and fit to a variety of screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring any modern devices accessibility.
MAS (Merchant Administration System) - a tool for a merchant, contains software modules to manage assortment, prices, content, marketing (bundles, discounts), reports.

Integrates with the merchant's ERP
and / or WMS.

MMS (Marketplace Management System) is a all-in-one marketplace management system consists of 16 modules which can be selectively integrated into a project:

Merchants - module for managing all merchants
PIM - product information management of marketplace (product-price)
Production - module for creating product content
CMS - Content management system
LMS - logistics management system
OMS - order management system
RMS - returns management system
CRM - customer relationship management, including
RFM segmentation (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value)
Marketing module – management of marketing tools: discounts, bonuses, gift certificates, etc.
Communication module – management of communication with buyers and merchants (SMS, Email, Web-chat)
Educatition & Entertainment - module for online selling of educational courses and events
Referral - referral marketing management
Reports & Analitics - reports and analytics for all modules and business processes
Docs - electronic document management
Billing - commission billing module for merchants and referral partners
Administration - a module for managing all system users, roles and access
Micro-service architecture
Technological solution as a set of services with various languages and development tools - located in one ecosystem.
Integration and interaction between services is based on standardized interface of API.

For implementation is using:

Frontend - react / vueJS
Backend - PHP, Laravel Framework, Nova

We collected and created the best
on one platform
Promo codes, certificates, discounts, bonuses, points, script-based gifts
RFM segmentation and extended customer database for unloading
Reports, dashboards for tracking KPIs for all business processes
Banners, dynamic modules, feeds generation and partner personal account
Communication with the client
Seamless integration with online chats, E-mail service and call center
Dynamic web interface
Online merchandising by rating, popularity and promo algorithms
Advanced SEO optimization
Initial audit, auto-complete snippets and tags
Detailed display of expenses, income and transfer of funds
Flexible billing for merchants
The platform can be fully assigned ownership as a White Label
E-commerce expertise and 360 ° support
Wanna create a marketplace
We will give answers how to create IT and business processes, will help to set up a team and clear goals and tasks assignment
Whole team of E-commerce and IT experts will be involved to build marketplace business processes and find a joint resolution to 99.9% of issues related to content, logistics, integration, claims, marketing, etc.

We will hunt people, interview, set up KPIs and job responsibilities - launch dreamteam.
A real challenge for accountants and lawyers: creation of new regulations and contracts
We prepared all documentation you need! We will pass templates of contracts with merchants, necessary logistics and warehouse documents, a sample of formal offer, compensation policies, etc.

We have assembled a pool of contractors to make it easier to connect logistics providers, SMS, Push and Email platforms.
Launch from scratch CRM platform for client database creating, operational cycle managing and flow of requires processing.
PayPal on russian market in co-branding with online stores KupiVip, LaModa, OZON, Holodilnik.ru, Biglion, Tutu, etc.
Launch from scratch omnichannel marketplace. Technological platform has been developed.

More than 200 Russia-wide warehouses and retail stores are connected to the marketplace.
Launch from scratch marketplace. Technological platform has been developed.

More than 30 DIY merchants from several regions of Russia are connected to the marketplace.
real launch dates
Get a marketplace to a business with realistic deadlines and a launch guarantee
We guarantee to marketplace launch and 5 merchants signed contract within 6-8 months from the approval date of technical specification and launch plan.

You can pay half of cost price after the first commercial orders.
create and controle your own marketplace
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